“My extended family has been involved in the real estate industry around the country for years, and we have purchased and rented properties throughout the U.S. Because of my family background, I have always found it difficult to find a good agent to work with and have rather high standards.  However, this past summer we met Alison Harris Burke who rented us a townhome from out-of-the-country clients that she was representing. About two weeks before we were to move in a few issues with the property revealed themselves, which almost caused us to walk away from the deal. However, Alison’s responsiveness, professionalism and follow through were so amazing that, I felt, she went above and beyond to remedy the situation and make all parties happy.  I’ve never had an agent – who wasn’t even my own – treat us so well in a difficult situation. I was so blown away and impressed with her integrity, that we have decided to have her help us find/buy our next home. There are only about 3 agents I can recommend nationally, and she is one of them.”